Saturday, March 26, 2016


“ From Bowie to Bjork, from Marilyn Manson to Madonna, the boundary breakers of modern pop culture have mastered the art of multiple pop personas, starting trend setting stylistic overhauls in a wake of excitement for fans and the media alike. Meet Ysan Roche, pop culture’s new heroine. Writer, singer, director, designer and entrepreneur, not so much breaking waves as riding a Tsumani through the doors of the archaic music business model. An elegant style icon who strives to cross borders. The borders of media. Of subcultures. Of disciplines. After all, why make music when you can make film? Why make film when you can make fashion? Why make fashion when you can make music? Why subscribe to an out of date business model when you can start a new one? Ysan does it all. And couldn't live without it. ”
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Image result for ysan roche noragoumaPeter Bijiji - Ysan Roche -The Vagabondiva

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